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Weymouth Quay — Dorset, England

What is a Quay? A Quay is a wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded or unloaded.

Brewers QuayBrewers Quay is an area in Weymouth located near the historic Grade II building that was originally a brewery. The building is open to the public and used for commercial purposes, housing the Weymouth Museum, shops, a restaurant and other amenities.

The Brewers Quay Building is Open!

For easy access to the venues, there are car parks to the rear of the building. Visit Brewers Quay, walk around the harbour and over the town bridge.

Nothe Fort
At the end of the Quay is Nothe Fort, the Museum of Coastal Defence. The fort was built in 1860 as part of the defence of Portland Harbour and comprises over 70 rooms on three levels featuring 150 life-sized models.

Nothe Gardens
Between the Fort and Brewers Quay are the Nothe Gardens, once part of the military establishment but now a popular landscaped park. There is a car park at the gardens with excellent views of nearby Portland.

Where is Brewers Quay?

The Brewers Quay is located in Weymouth, Dorset.

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